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Top Eleven Reasons to Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Motor vehicles are so heavily relied upon and often, their purchase represents a significant financial investment. We all want our cars to be reliable and perform well, but if a car service does not take place regularly, it is very difficult for this to be the case. Despite driving a car daily, many people do not have their car serviced regularly. Ultimately this can lead to significant and costly car repairs.

There are many good reasons to have your car serviced regularly and these include:

    1. Avoiding engine failure and expensive engine repairs:

An oil change is characteristic and the most important part of any car service. If car oil is not regularly changed, sludge can build up and will stop the engine from being sufficiently lubricated. The engine can be thought of as the heart of the car, and if not lubricated, engine failure is likely and repairs are expensive.

    1. Being more fuel efficient:

Engines that are well tuned ultimately use less fuel and give off reduced emissions. Not only will you save money in the long run, your car will be more environmentally sound.

    1. Increasing the life of your engine:

The life of your car engine can be increased if it is regularly replaced. As time passes, engine oil loses its effectiveness. Ensuring that engine oil is changed at regular intervals will improve your car?s performance and contribute to engine longevity.

    1. Avoiding breakdowns:

There are few things more stressful and inconvenient than your car breaking down. A number of breakdowns are avoidable and if oil or other fluids are leaking, attending to their repair can help to prevent breakdown or even car accidents.

    1. Ensuring your brakes are functioning effectively:

As drivers, we rely quite heavily on our brakes. They are critical for safety and need to perform at the highest of standards. But, brakes do not remain effective without attention and must be not only checked, but regularly adjusted to ensure that they are roadworthy and safe.

    1. Reducing unnecessary wear and tear:

Excessive stress can be put on your car if moving parts are not lubricated. Other than wear and tear, ensuring that parts are well lubricated enhances your car?s safety and performance.

    1. Preventing engine failure and damage:

Any quality car service will include checks of belts and tightening as necessary. If belts are not regularly checked and are in fact loose, they can cause engine failure and damage. As you can imagine, car repairs of this nature can be costly and time consuming.

    1. Ensuring that lights are in good working order:

How often do we get out of our cars and look to see if our lights are in good working order? Hardly ever! Car servicing includes checks and adjustment of lights to ensure they are legal and safe in their operation.

    1. Increasing the life and safety of your tyres:

It is important that the four parts of your car that hit the road are in supreme working order. Tyres need to be checked often and always be inflated to the correct tyre pressure. Flat tyres often cause car accidents. Too many of us forget or minimise the importance of having our tyres correctly blown up ? this limits the life of our tyres and compromises our safety. As few of us check our tyres often and correctly, it is all the more important for this to be done during a car service.

    1. Extending the life of your steering and suspension

Steering and suspension components of the car are not immediately obvious and visible, but they need to be checked and serviced in order to enhance safety and increase their life.

    1. Getting as much money as possible when selling your car:

If your car is serviced regularly (and by a reputable mechanic), and a full service history is recorded in your log book, this will increase your car?s resale value. When it comes time to trade in or sell, who doesn?t want to get as much money as possible for their car?

Cars are not infallible. They need to be serviced regularly in order to remain in peak condition, be safe and have a reduced risk of breakdown. If a car service takes place regularly, your car is likely to perform better and save you money and stress in the long run.


  1. Brad Erwin says:

    I liked it when you said that even though steering and suspension components are not always visible, they still need to be serviced so that you can extend their life. My brother recently bought a used car and needs to get it inspected for safety and longevity before he is comfortable putting his family in it. I will be sure to recommend he find a car service that can perform regular maintenance and check things like the steering and suspension.

    November 19th, 2019 at 3:29 am

  2. Afton Jackson says:

    I’ve been trying my best to keep up in terms of car knowledge especially because my household uses two cars now, and so I wanted to make sure everything I’ve been maintaining is right. I’ve thought of getting my car checked up at a service center and it helped a lot when your article mentioned that these kinds of checkups can do well to check on the status of the car’s tires. I admittedly don’t know a lot about tires, so it may be my best option to check for an auto repair place that I can contact on a regular basis for car services. Thank you!

    May 14th, 2020 at 1:34 pm