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Selecting your Preferred Mechanic just got Easier

We have now improved our live online service booking process even further. Should you be a prior Lube mobile user or know the mobile mechanic by name, when going onto our real-time booking system you now have the option selecting this preferred mechanic.

Simply go onto the car service?page as normal, or enter your postcode on the home page. When the typical mechanic availability page comes up, you will see a button that says ?”Select your Preferred Mechanic”. Click on this button and you will notice a drop down list of our mobile mechanics in your area to choose from. Then click on your preferred mechanic.

Now you will notice the mechanic availability box changes to suit the mechanic you selected. Not only can you pick your favourite or trusted mechanic you used before but you also get the added convenience of seeing when he is available.

This came from extensive feedback of customers. We are always happy to keep improving our service and systems to keep Lube Mobile at the forefront of innovative and convenient car service and repair.

Hope you enjoy !




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