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Risks of Not Having Your Car Serviced

When budgets are stretched and time is precious, it can be incredibly tempting to ignore the fact that a car service is due and required. Many people believe that it does not hurt to stretch the time between car services and even the time allowed before car repairs are carried out. In the long run, this is not only dangerous, it can end up costing you an incredible amount of money and stress that could have been avoided.

Why should a car be serviced regularly?

Regular servicing helps to ensure that your car operates in a reliable and efficient manner. It is possibly the singlemost important factor in ensuring the longevity of the car?s life.

When a car is regularly serviced, attention is paid to its many parts, components and systems. This means that problems are identified early and repairs can be carried out before significant stress affects vehicle components and causes inconvenient and potentially costly breakdowns.

Regular car servicing helps to ensure the safety and performance of your ride, as well as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

So, what are the risks of not having regular car services?

  • Oil sludge build up in your engine ? Built up oil sludge can be compared to a gel that adheres to the parts of your engine and inhibits the smooth and normal flow of oil throughout your car?s engine. The result of over-stressed engine oil, it basically pollutes your engine. Regrettably, this problem is quite often seen in modern vehicles.
  • Inadequate safety and protection ? There really is no bigger risk than the devastation that can result from mechanical failure on the road. Human lives are far too precious.Braking, steering and suspension are critical to a car?s performance and safety and if these (among other system or part problems) are not attended to through regular servicing, most drivers would have no idea of how safe their car is. Regular servicing is pivotal to locating and rectifying wear that compromises the steering and braking systems of the car.
  • Excessive and unnecessary wear and tear ? It may well be the case that failing to have regular servicing puts undue pressure on your car and increases wear and tear. In the short term this may not seem like such a problem, but car repairs will be required sooner than you think and, in this instance, will probably be more expensive than you think. This is frustrating when you consider that if identified and repaired sooner, the expense and inconvenience would not have been so great.
  • Vehicle damage ? Driving a compromised or inefficiently functioning vehicle can result in significant damage, exacerbate existing problems and create new problems.
  • Poor fuel economy ? Let?s be honest, fuel is far from cheap and we all want to get as much mileage from the fuel we purchase as possible. A car that is not regularly serviced is likely to not be fuel efficient and will therefore cause its owner additional fuel expense.
  • Blown out running costs ? In fact, everything becomes more expensive on cars that are not regularly serviced. All sorts of repairs and the areas for which money must be paid to keep the car on the road suddenly become more expensive. This is particularly so in Australian states where roadworthy checks are required before a vehicle can be registered and insured.
  • Exemption from warranty ? For new cars, it is a condition of warranties offered that a car be regularly serviced, with log book maintained and with make approved parts. Car owners that do not keep their car services up to date risk their warranty being voided and this can be incredibly expensive if something does go wrong.
  • Inconvenience ? Time invested now may actually pay dividends later. You may think that you can?t afford a few hours away from your car in order for it to be serviced, but few people can really afford the inconvenience and stress of being without their car when it is damaged or needs to stay with a mechanic for extensive car repairs.

Ultimately, the risks of failing to have your car serviced regularly are simply not worth it. Regular car services help to ensure the efficient running and longevity of your vehicle and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have done all you can to ensure your vehicle?s safety and efficiency.

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