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Outstanding Car Repair Review

Hello All,

Yes we do have a customer mechanic review section elsewhere on the site, but this one was so detailed and elaborate it was too big to fit ! So we just had to share this one on our blog. It is a customers honest review of their car repair experience with Lube Mobile in Perth. This demonstrates how easy and quick Lube Mobile is to book, use and work with whilst providing great value for money car repair and car service. Enjoy ….

“Guys 10/10! after 3 weeks of being completely stuffed around by a major (removed) dealer in Perth, a specialised (removed) repairer and another mechanic in Wangara, all I wanted was the van fixed! I couldn’t get a quote it was always to hard no calls back and had to chase them up! I couldn’t figure it out! I had money to swap for a service but you would think I had rotten apples in my wallet.

I tried and tried but still couldn’t get quotes, the final straw was a specialised (removed) dealer coming out wasting time “I need this and I need that I’ll get back to you at some point”.. That was it! I was frustrated! I googled “mechanics perth” and I will say it was with hesitation I called Lube Mobile as I didnt think an (removed) van would be in their scope of works but I made the call at 4pm yesterday and to be honest I didnt think it was something that LM would help me out with .. well flash forward 24 hours and its fixed and back on the road!.

It takes alot to impress me when it comes to customer service these days but guys this service was honestly second to none! From the initial phone call to your call centre, the young lady was very helpful and super friendly and organised a free onsite quote for 8am the next morning. Lee arrived and I had a quote by 8:30. I went ahead and he had parts in and repaired by 4pm , and this wasnt a minor repair either ! Lee from Van 29 deserves commendation on his service, overall a great experience and I would highly recommend LM to anyone that needs a mechanic , LM will be the first number we call when we need to service our fleet of vehicles.. Great work guys , you have proven that not everything is hard and there are still some businesses out there willing to go the extra mile for their customers like we do! great work .. Richard”


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