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Why You Should Never Skip A Car Service

If you’re like most of us, you’ve skipped a car service or two in your time. If you thought it was just your dirty little secret, think again. You can hide your service from the world, but not from your mechanic and certainly not from your car or its log book.

Don’t get us wrong, skipping a car service isn’t the worst thing you could do, but while you may escape the initial price for it, your car or its warranty does not – to the tune of its own health and your financial long term health.

So before you’re tempted to skip another one, read up on why you should stick to your regular car service schedule.

Because it’s necessary

Your car’s vital lubricants, fluids and electronic and mechanical functions need to be changed, adjusted or checked at regular intervals to ensure the appropriate safety and reliable performance of components in your vehicle. Over time, things also will need to be refilled or even replaced in order to keep you and your car safe on the road.

In general, cars should be serviced every 12 months or every 15,000 kms (whichever comes first), however if you’ve missed one or even a couple, ask your mechanic if a 3 year service or one of our tailored solutions will help you catch up. Your car may even be at 6 months or 10000kms so its worth checking your log book service history to keep an eye on it.

Because it’ll help you prevent more serious damage

You may not hear every little thing that could be possible be wrong with your car, but a car service can help pick them up. Regular services can pre-warn you about major problems that could occur, enabling you to catch things early on before they become more serious (and more costly) issues.

After your service, your mechanic will provide you with a report outlining any emergency repairs that require urgent attention in order to avoid a potential hazard or breakdown.

Even more worryingly, some problems will not surface until it is too late. Modern cars can function much longer than older equivalents due to computers compensating wearing service items ? however it is a misleading confidence that all is ok. For example if your engine oil goes too long without change it can clog up and destroy internal reciprocating parts, which can lead to engine replacement? – these run into several thousands of dollars to repair.

Because it’ll prolong your car’s life

Car services can bring many things to your attention but perhaps most importantly, they alert you to any mechanical failures that could not only have dangerous consequences, but could also reduce your car?s longevity. At the end of the day, a car that’s regularly serviced and tuned has an extended expected life-span over one that’s starved of attention. As a bonus, if you ever try to sell the car it’ll be worth more if it has a good service history. ?It may feel like you?re spending more by servicing your car correctly, but the truth is, it costs much more not to service it over time.

Simply a better way

At Lube Mobile, we?re so passionate about the importance of regular car services that we?ve based our entire business on making it easy for you to get them done. That?s why we work around your schedule and come to a location of your choice, so you never have to miss a service again!

To find out which car service you need, use our car service selector.

Happy motoring !


  1. TSHEPISO says:

    can I loose my warranty due to skipping a service?

    November 20th, 2019 at 5:51 am

  2. Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    I appreciate that this post pointed out that regular auto servicing can prolong your car’s life as our mechanic will be alerted on potential problems and preventing them. My wife has the tendency to delay sending her car to be serviced, especially when it is time to have her logbook serviced. I think I will forward this article to her and hopefully, she will schedule an appointment with our mechanic soon.

    March 24th, 2020 at 1:34 pm

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