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How to Get Around Melbourne the Easy Way

Melbourne is an awesome place to be, but being in a city with four million other people can sometimes make it a bit of a challenge getting around. Never fear, though — this great city is well equipped with transportation options to suit everyone, so there is always an easy way to get to where you need to go. The following are some great ideas for making getting around Melbourne a piece of cake.

Get a Small, Reliable Car

As with any big city, finding somewhere to park that won?t cost you the earth is a bit of a challenge, but it’s even more of a hassle if you have a huge car. Unless you need it for work, there really is no advantage at all to having a large vehicle in the city, so get yourself something smaller and make sure you invest in a car service for it regularly. A reliable little car is a godsend in Melbourne where sometimes the only places to park are tiny spaces. So get yourself something small, look into getting regular car service in Melbourne to avoid those horrible rush hour breakdowns and you?ll find getting around this awesome city has never been so easy!

Catch Public Transit

There is something very human and equalising about riding public transit to work each day. It can be a hassle if you don?t get a seat, but taking transit will mean you won?t have to worry about driving, petrol costs or anything apart from being at your stop on time. Having that half an hour bus or tram ride can also be a great time to just zone out or prepare for the day ahead. Similarly, it?s a nice way to unwind after work and also means you can grab a beer or two with your workmates before heading home without having to worry about driving.

Ride Your Bicycle

If you are a confident cyclist, Melbourne is a great city to ride around, as there is a great system of bike lanes

— as well as people here being quite used to cyclists on the road. You won?t have to worry about traffic or the bus being late when all you need to do is jump on your bike and head off. While cycling downtown is not for the faint of heart, if you know what you are doing, cycling is perhaps the easiest way to get around this vibrant city.

Car Pool

Depending on where you live, you may need to drive to get to work. Talk to your workmates and, if someone lives near you, ask them if you can ride with them. Of course, you should chip in for petrol. This is a great way to make getting to work easy as well as spending a bit of time getting to know a workmate. If you own a car too, then maybe alternate who picks up whom so that it is fair on everyone.


You have to live close to everything you need to do this, but walking is a great way to get around this city. Each neighbourhood has its own hidden gems that often are only discovered by walking past them, so if you are situated well, get around on your own two legs!

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