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Ignition Coil Replacement


Subject: Outstanding Service


I had the extreme pleasure of using Lube Mobile for the first time this week.

My car, a X-Type Jaguar, recently started to misfire on the odd occasion under load.?I booked it into

********Auto as they recently serviced the vehicle.?I chose them as the?manager actually came into

my business one day and I just happened to need a new ?water pump. Their service was very good.

They diagnosed the problem as a faulty coil. The replacement coil they?fitted was also faulty (apparently)

so was the whole batch. That was over?three weeks ago and I’m still waiting for a call to say the new coil has

arrived and my car is ready for repair.

In desperation, with my car now not diveable as the ignition coil finally completely?failed, I ordered a new

coil from Roadbend and booked Lube Mobile online.?That day, Karl, one of your technicians arrived and

diagnosed the car. His?advice was to replace all coils and plugs. He sourced the parts at a great

price and suggested top quality plugs. He seemed to really know his trade?and was an extremely?nice Irish guy.

The next day he completed the repair and my car has never run better. I love?my Jag and have had it from

brand new. Previously a trip to a mechanic was?expensive. On one occasion a problem was misdiagnosed

costing $1200. ?It’s the first time my car has ever been off the road with a problem.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to Karl you have won a customer?for life. I have total trust in his

integrity, ability and professionalism. ?As his employers, you should be very proud to have such a fine ambassador

for your brand.

I am now also an ambassador for your brand will tell everyone I know to use?your company, including

social media. As an employer myself, I love customer?feedback, thus the reason for this?email.

I wish you continued success and well done on recruiting such a great?employee. I also add in conversation,

he had high praise for your company as an employer.


Many thanks and kind regards,

Stuart Endersby


  1. Ann Maree Parker says:

    I used Lube Mobile today for a repair, service and new tyres. I had the pleasure of meeting Cullum (J010) who was pleasant, professional, courteous and beyond helpful. Well done Lube Mobile for hiring an absolute asset to your company. I have no doubt that my entire family will be using your service again. And thank you Cullum. You deserve a pay rise!
    Thanks so much
    Ann Maree

    June 19th, 2019 at 7:42 pm

  2. Lary Cook says:

    Well, that’s a really common problem. It would be nice if I get some DIY solution for it. Like my ignition coil gives me great trouble.

    July 9th, 2019 at 10:14 pm

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