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Great Reasons To Own Two Cars

Having two of anything can be a really good idea especially if it is something that plays an important role in your daily life, and nothing plays a bigger role in most people’s lives than their car. It may seem like overkill to have two vehicles, though it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The following are some of the great reasons to get that second vehicle.

Provide You Own Back Up

A fact of life about owning a car is that at some point or other you may have to deal with car troubles, with the worst case scenario having it not be running at all for whatever reason. Even if your car is one hundred percent reliable, you are still going to need to take it to be serviced once in a while, leaving you without your car while this takes place. Car service in Sydney and car service in Melbourne are generally very efficient and won’t take very long, though if you rely on your car for work, having a second vehicle can be essential.

Different Vehicle for Different Needs

If you work in the city chances are you are going to want a small vehicle that is good on gas and that will also fit into quite small parking spaces. Though when holiday time comes around and you want to hit the road with your friends or family, you will want a larger, more spacious vehicle that will make your holiday missions luxurious. The obvious answer is to have two vehicles. There is no hybrid version of these two types of cars, so why not have a city car and a holiday car? Having both vehicles will be saving you stress during the week as well as in your free time and you will see that the investment is easily well worthwhile.

Help Out A Friend

Having two vehicles is not only awesome for having a bit of variety, but can also make you a saviour for a friend who is experiencing car troubles. Owning two vehicles will mean you can lend one to your mate until they are able to get their car back on the road, making you their best friend forever. Some people are weird and possessive about their cars, so don’t be like that and show you how much your friends mean to you by stepping in and lending a vehicle. It’s easy to temporarily add another driver to your car insurance and the gesture will be one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for them.

Canoe Trips

If you aren’t already in love with canoeing, you must not have done it yet. One of the best and most relaxing ways to enjoy the great outdoors is to pile all your necessities into a canoe and float off down the river. The only hard part is that you need one car at each end of your journey so you can get back to where you started. Anyone who has gone canoeing knows the challenge of finding that second car, so make your next trip a sure thing by having two vehicles on hand and ready to go.

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