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Extending the Lifespan of Your Vehicle

A good car can last you a really long time, but only if you give it a little positive attention. The way you treat your vehicle will likely affect its performance, and definitely its life span, so unless you can afford to buy vehicles every other year, you are best to take care of it. The following tips will help make sure that your vehicle is alive and kicking for as long as possible.

Get a regular car service

Every six months, or roughly 10,000 km, you should take your car in for a general servicing by your local mechanic. Even if it seems like everything is fine, it is good to have a professional do a quick once over. This is a good opportunity to top up any fluids or change any oils, and this kind of regular check will allow you to spot any potential problem as soon as it appears.

Use high-grade petrol

Even though it is considerably more expensive, using higher quality petrol makes a big difference to your car, and can even mean years difference in terms of its overall lifespan. Like any machine, your car needs high quality fuel in order to work at an optimal level, so when you are choosing petrol, consider what you are hoping to get out of your car performance wise.

Clean it regularly

Regularly cleaning your car is a good idea if you want to help protect it from deteriorating prematurely. Removing dirt and grime from important parts like wiper blades and windows, vacuuming out the interior, and polishing up the paint job, will all help keep your car looking good for longer.

Fix problems before they become worse

If you notice something starting to go wrong with your vehicle, take it into your local auto repair shop to have it checked out. Catching a problem early may make for an easy fix, but if left unchecked, a small problem can become a serious one quite quickly, and can start to take years off the lifespan of your car.

Hit the highway

Give your vehicle a chance to really stretch out once in a while, and hit the highway for a decent length trip. Even just a few hundred kilometres will be a good opportunity for you car to go at full speed, and doing trips like this at least a couple of times a year will keep your car running better for longer.

Get an alarm

You don’t want to put countless amounts of time and money into your vehicle only to have some goon steal it and write it off. Getting a good alarm system for your vehicle should be a priority.

Your car is a big investment, and if you treat it well, it will provide you with endless amounts of help and support in your various adventures. There is nothing like having a good car, but it all starts with being a good car owner — the car will work as well as you are prepared to treat it.

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