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Eight Most Commonly Seen Car Problems

Regrettably, cars are not self-servicing machines, or machines that never wear out. Regular car servicing is vital for maintaining the performance and life of your vehicle, but unfortunately many people suffer costly car repairs because they have not kept up to date with car service requirements.

So, what are the most frequently seen problems with cars?

    1. Tyre pressure and alignment

All too often, avoidable problems are seen as a result of under-inflation (and less commonly over-inflation). When tyres are not sufficiently inflated they wear more quickly than they should and your car?s fuel consumption is compromised ? you will actually end up paying more than you should for fuel.

Regular wheel alignments are also important as correct alignment can help to increase the longevity of the life of your tyres and increase fuel economy.

Regular car servicing helps to ensure that these two areas are assessed and rectified if necessary.

    1. Clogged air filters

Air filters need to be replaced regularly, as per the recommended time frame in the owner?s manual for your vehicle. Maintaining and replacing air filters ensures that there is effective air flow through your car?s engine. Once again, properly functioning air filters help to improve the efficiency of your engine, facilitate more powerful performance and improved fuel usage.

    1. Worn tyres

Back to tyres! And, further evidence of how important tyre maintenance is?too many people drive around on tyres that have insufficient tyre tread depth. This is incredibly dangerous. To provide sufficient traction, tyres require at least 5mm of tread depth. Although some tyres feature tread wear indicators, a depth gauge will be used by a mechanic at your car service to check the condition of your tyres. If regular servicing does not occur, many people drive around on bald or heavily worn tyres.

    1. Low or old engine oil

Running your car on dirty engine oil, or an inadequate amount of engine oil, can be incredibly damaging. Oil that is dirty will be more taxing on your car?s engine, while low levels can cause the car to overheat. Lubrication can also be sacrificed if the oil level is too low and this will almost certainly result in significant damage to your engine.

Regular oil changes are critically important and will add time to the life of your engine. The need for regular car servicing is all the more apparent when the number of people who confidently and often check their engine oil level is considered.

    1. Windshield wiper blades that are worn out

Clear and uninhibited vision is essential for safe driving. Wiper blades that are cracked, torn or coming apart can reduce visibility when driving in all sorts of weather conditions and can even cause accidents. At a minimum, wiper blades should be replaced yearly (this will often be done as part of a car service) and if you notice streaking across your windshield, this is a sign that your wiper blades need replacing.

    1. Squeaky brakes

Squeaky brakes are the result of brake components vibrating. They are a sign that various brake components are not properly aligned or positioned and a sign that the attention of a mechanic is required. Regular car servicing will help to identify and rectify this before it becomes problematic.

    1. Air conditioner blowing warm air

In an Australian summer, few things are more upsetting than discovering that your car air conditioner is blowing warm air. This is often caused by a lack of refrigerant in the system, although some air conditioning problems occur because of a problem with the car?s compressor. The attention of a mechanic or automotive air conditioning specialist is required to fix this.

    1. Rough riding

Problems with shock absorbers and/or struts can cause a car that previously seemed to glide over the road feel as if it is running over jagged rocks. If addressed early, repairs to shock absorbers and struts are sometimes possible but when problems are too far progressed, replacements are often necessary.

To function at their best, cars require regular servicing and attention. Very often small problems that are left unattended can grow into bigger and more expensive problems. For those who do not have the knowledge and expertise to inspect, assess and repair their own vehicles, regular car servicing is highly recommended and crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient vehicle.

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