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Selecting your Preferred Mechanic just got Easier

We have now improved our live online service booking process even further. Should you be a prior Lube mobile user or know the mobile mechanic by name, when going onto our real-time booking system you now have the option selecting this preferred mechanic.

Simply go onto the car service?page as normal, or enter your postcode on the home page. When the typical mechanic availability page comes up, you will see a button that says ?”Select your Preferred Mechanic”. Click on this button and you will notice a drop down list of our mobile mechanics in your area to choose from. Then click on your preferred mechanic.

Now you will notice the mechanic availability box changes to suit the mechanic you selected. Not only can you pick your favourite or trusted mechanic you used before but you also get the added convenience of seeing when he is available.

This came from extensive feedback of customers. We are always happy to keep improving our service and systems to keep Lube Mobile at the forefront of innovative and convenient car service and repair.

Hope you enjoy !




Realtime Online Car Service and Repair Bookings

With Lube Mobile you can now book your car service or car repair online in real-time. This new innovation interacts live with our co-ordinating and dispatch systems. It is not an email or fax for someone to deal with later on. It could be 11pm at night, 5.00 am in the morning or a Sunday afternoon – you will receive options of real arrival times to choose from. We currently hit over 95% of these arrival times.

You simply enter your postcode and select from our next 3 available arrival times within a 2 hour window for your?mobile mechanic to arrive. If not suitable then you have a calender to be able to go further in time and select whenever you like.

This way you have 100% confidence you will get your selected time for service or repair and not be put on the back of the queue the next morning. Our customers are already loving it. Simply go to? book now.

Gives great peace of mind when booking in your car knowing you have secured your spot ! Sit back and relax – we come to you

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Finding the Right Mechanic for Your Sports Car

Owning a high performance vehicle such as a sports car is a big responsibility. In order to perform at the level it was designed to, it must be regularly serviced and maintained, and not just by any old mechanic, but by someone trained to work on high performance engines.

But although those who work on sports cars are specialists, there are good and bad ones, as in any profession, and the way to find a good one is the same as finding any good mechanic.

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Suspension Systems for 4WDs

A car suspension system is made up of many components that assist in dampening the undesirable effects of a bumpy road. The best part about a good suspension system for 4WDs in particular is that you can get a far smoother ride without compromising the road response, steering or braking of the vehicle. Unfortunately, not all 4WDs come equipped with the suspension you?ll need if you?re planning on doing any of the epic off-roading you?ll find in the outback, so you may want to talk to your mechanic about the various suspension options that are available.

Leaf-spring suspension

The leaf spring, which is the original and most simple suspension system, is mainly used on modern utes and load-carrying vehicles and serves two main purposes: to locate the axle and provide suspension. In this system, both ends of the spring?s length are attached to the chassis with a bush and through-bolt, with the spring passing under the axle. Leaf springs are made up of multiple leaves, which slide against each other as the spring flexes, and there are three main types: quarter-elliptical, semi-elliptical and parabolic.

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What You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself on Your Car

When you own a car, it can be tempting to do some car repairs yourself. After all, owning, operating and maintaining a vehicle is expensive, and the last thing you need is to pay hundreds more dollars to the mechanic for a repair that you could feasibly pull off on your own for a lot less money.

However, there are some car repairs that should always be done by a professional, regardless of whether or not you think you can do it yourself. Sometimes, the upfront cost savings in do-it-yourself repairs can end up costing you much more in bigger repairs down the road, or in the loss of insurance coverage because you didn’t go to a professional. Below are a few situations in which you may find yourself better off seeking a good mechanic.

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Why Mobile Mechanics Are the Way To Go

Running a car is not a cheap task. There are any number of costs that seem to come at you in a never-ending onslaught. There’s registration, insurance, license and vehicle safety check fees every year. Then there’s the cost of petrol which is getting more and more expensive over time. It’s enough to drive you up the wall — and that’s before you even consider the costs associated with keeping your car serviced and running smoothly. In addition to the costs, time is also a factor. We lead such busy lives and cars are supposed to be convenient, but there’s nothing convenient about getting your car serviced or repaired. In this article, we’ll have a look at the benefits of mobile mechanics who perform car services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and surrounding areas in a far more convenient fashion.
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6 Signs When It’s Time to Change Mechanics

You probably already know about the value of having a regular car service. Keeping your vehicle in tip top condition is vital for safe motoring as well as ensuring that you preserve its value.

Sometimes however you might discover that your vehicle is not necessarily in the right hands when it comes to professional servicing. Although you can usually depend upon well-known brand names in the vehicle servicing industry, things can easily go awry when you book your car in to a service station with which you have had limited contact.

Imagine discovering that your servicing costs are going through the roof or that you have to constantly rebook your vehicle for repairs that have not been performed properly in the first place. Unfortunately this can happen from time to time and you need to keep your wits about you so that you don’t get into a car servicing spiral. In simple terms, you need to know when your car mechanic is clueless!
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What You Should Know Before You Call Your Mechanic

We all know the benefits of having a regular car service and being on good terms with your mechanic. After all, keeping your car in good running order can save you money in the long run and preserve the value of your car when it comes time to sell.

In fact, buying a car is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make apart from purchasing a home, and in order to get the best value for your investment you need to follow a regular maintenance program. Some people find that dealing with the technical side of car maintenance can be a painful experience especially if you don’t have sufficient knowledge to effectively converse with the mechanic.

Finding a mechanic who can speak to you in terms you understand is vital for a good long-term relationship so it pays to hunt around and find a mechanic you can comfortably deal with in the long term.
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How to Choose a Good Car Mechanic

These days, road safety is more important than ever. Every day we see media reports of road accidents that cruelly affect families across the nation. Whilst many accidents can be caused by reckless drivers who are affected by drugs or alcohol, it is also a sad fact that many vehicle owners fail to use a qualified mechanic to keep their cars in top condition.

Perhaps it is a sad reflection on the state of the world economy that people are choosing to ignore safety concerns when it comes to servicing their vehicles, but whatever the reason, we should all remain acutely aware of the need to keep our vehicles safe to protect not just our own families but also every other driver on the road.

Everyone recognises that it is important to get good value for money, but when it comes to servicing your car choosing a good car mechanic should be the primary focus. Of course there are hundreds of mechanics to choose from and making the decision is not always easy. So let’s look at a few simple ways you can choose a mechanic to make sure you get the best job at the best price.
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