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What to Do if You Break Down on the Great Ocean Road

Travelling the Great Ocean Road is one of the best trips you will ever do, but this doesn?t mean that everything is guaranteed to go smoothly. No matter what kind of car you drive, there is always the chance that something will go wrong, no matter where you happen to be at the time. If you are driving along the Great Ocean Road and your car breaks down, don?t worry ? everything will be fine as long as you stick to the following advice.

Get Off the Road

The Great Ocean Road is extremely narrow in parts, so if you can at all help it, try not to break down in the middle of the road. If nothing else, push your car into a slightly more out of the way place like on the shoulder of the road, as this can help prevent a massive traffic jam from occurring. Once the car is out of the way, keep yourself off the road as well, as you don?t want to be struck by other motorists flying past.


Though it?s obviously a nuisance to have your car decide it doesn?t want to work anymore, it?s not worth getting too stressed about — after all, you happen to have broken down on one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world! Your car will be fixed in no time, so until it is ready to go again, take advantage of being in a nice spot, don?t let the breakdown get to you and simply relax!

Call For Help

It might seem like you are in the middle of nowhere when you are on the Great Ocean Road, but you are actually well within range of a whole host of services. Some places offering car service in Melbourne are able to provide mobile car service too, so depending on where you are, you might be able to have someone come and fix it right there. Otherwise, you may need to get your car towed and serviced somewhere close by, or even have it taken to a bigger centre like Torquay, Geelong or even Melbourne.

Extend Your Stay

Use your car?s break down as an excuse to spend a bit of extra time wherever you are at, as no matter where you are, if you’re on the Great Ocean Road you are sure to be in the perfect spot. Check into a local hotel or caravan park and treat yourself to an extra few days of relaxing. You wouldn?t be in this situation unless you were meant to be, so relax and keep an open mind, as you never know — you might be about to have a life-changing experience!

Breaking down is just one of those things that happens to everybody once in a while, so don?t let it make you angry and definitely don’t let it ruin your trip. There are far worse places to have car troubles, so make a few calls, relax and you?ll be on your way in no time.

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