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The Benefits of Rear Safety Cams

One of the biggest advances in vehicle safety in recent years has been the introduction of rear safety cameras, which essentially consist of a camera at the rear of your vehicle and a display screen on your dashboard, enabling you to see what is happening at the rear of your vehicle from the driver?s seat. The following is a look at some of the many benefits that have made rear safety cameras so popular, so if you don?t have a rear safety camera in your vehicle yet, talk to your mechanic about having one installed.

Easier parking

Rear safety cameras can make parking in even the tightest of spots simple and easy, because by being able to see what is happening back there it will be no problem manoeuvring your vehicle into just about any spot. For those that live in places where parking is scarce, this can be of enormous benefit, because you will be able to get into a lot of those spots you would have had to pass over previously.

Safer reversing

Any time you are reversing any type of vehicle there is an increased risk of you hitting someone, and tragically, every year children are killed when they are reversed over while playing in driveways at their homes. Rear safety cameras have emerged as a fantastic way to prevent such tragedies, because they enable drivers to have almost as good a view out back as out front, making it a whole lot easier to reverse safely.

Evidence in accidents

In the case where someone runs into the back of a vehicle, having a rear safety camera can make a huge difference, as the incident will have been recorded. Having this evidence can make it a lot easier to establish what happened, who was at fault and therefore speed up the process of any insurance claim. Similarly, if a rear-end accident ends up leading to a court case, having video evidence will always carry considerable weight.

Save money

Rear safety cameras have proven to be highly effective in helping to prevent accidents, which can end up saving you a huge amount of money, both on the cost of car repairs, as well as on your insurance bills. Even if your safety cameras only save you from one accident, they will have well and truly paid for themselves.

Forced stop

Some rear safety cameras come as part of an integrated safety system that forces your vehicle to brake when you are getting close to backing into an object, essentially making it impossible for you to reverse your car into anything. Similar technology is even starting to come out regarding the sides of vehicles as well, with sensors able to detect if you start drifting from your lane, and even forcibly steer you back between the lines.

Once you drive a car with rear safety cameras you will wonder how you ever got by without them, and considering that almost half of all new cars released in 2012 come with rear safety cameras as standard, it may not be long before every new car on the road is required to have them.

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