DFI Module

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Lube Mobile, the Mobile Mechanic perform repairs on the DFI Module. Whether your car doesn't start, has a engine miss-fire or you have an Ignition System Problem we can help. We use only quality and guaranteed parts. We use good quality brands such as Champion and Bosch. If a new or direct replacement is not availble we use an experienced auto-electrical company to re-condition it for you.

Car DFI Module Replacement

We can replace Distributor, Ignition Coil, Coil Packs, DFI Module, Igntion Module, Ignition Leads, Battery, crank angle sensor or even just simply a set of Spark Plugs if thats what needed.

We can replace these on site at your convience. All work comes with our 12 Month/20,000km Warranty.

We also test drive the car to ensure all is ok when warmed up and at operating temperature.

You can book this online now or ask for a quote via email or phone

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