Gearbox Oil Seal

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Lube Mobile, the Mobile Mechanics perform replacements of all types of oil seals and gaskets on Auto and Manual Transmissions including 4wd vehicles.

Car Gearbox Oil Seal Replacement

If you car has developed an oil leak we can help.

We will clean and inspect the oil leak and then replace the Oil Seal or Gasket required. We can replace any type of seal including Front Seal, Pump Seal, Rear Main Seal, Extension Housing, Drive Shaft and Tail Shaft Oil Seals.

We also replace all types of Gaskets including Sump or oil pan gaskets and housing gaskets on both Automatic and Manual Transmissions including Transfer cases for 4wd vehicles.

We use only quality parts.

We replace any damaged or worn parts on site. All work comes with our 12 Month/20,000km Warranty.

You can book this online now or ask for a quote via email or phone

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