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NOTICE - Fuel Injector Cleaning, Throttle Body Service & Intake System Decarb 3in1 Fuel Iinjection Service

We wish to advise that Lube Mobile is in the process of changing over its supplier and related products for fuel injector, throttle body and induction system cleaning systems. The down side of this is that on car injector cleaning portion of this service is currently unavailable. Our sincere apologies.

The good news is that we are 75 % percent through the changeover. This means we are able to do the induction system cleaning , throttle body cleaning and decarbination of these and intake valves etc on both petrol and diesel engines - please call us on 13 30 32 and we can book you in for this.

In relation to the “On Car” injector cleaning, check back here in few weeks where we will announce when our new total petrol injector and intake cleaning system is ready to go for you again.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during our changeover.

Happy Motoring.

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