Greater Brisbane COVID-19 lock down

Greater Brisbane will enter a 3-day lockdown from 5pm AEST Monday 29 March to 5pm AEST Thursday 1 April.

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If you can answer yes to one of the three questions below, or your booking address is outside the Greater Brisbane area, you can continue with your booking

  1. Are you an essential service or critical service employee? (Essential service employees list can be found here.)
  2. Is the service you require a breakdown or emergency repair?
  3. Is this something that is a matter of safety and you believe it cannot wait until restrictions ease?

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances with your booking or need further assistance please call 13 30 32 for help as to whether we can be of service to you.

Lube Mobile Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers Vehicles

There is evidence that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles.

Good hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common cold and flu.

With this in mind we wish to share with you what practices Lube Mobile have put in place to ensure the safety of our Customers and of our staff.

Prior to working inside a vehicle, the Lube Mobile technician will use the following procedure;

  1. The technician will check with you whether you have been overseas and ordered to comply with a self-isolation order.

  2. Disinfect car. 

  3. Disinfect hands. 

  4. Where possible avoid switching on HAVAC system (air conditioning / heater control). 

Disinfect Car

  1. Disinfect outside door handle prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. Spray or wipe all relevant areas inside the vehicle. 

  3. Allow disinfectant to sit for up to 10mins to dry by airing out the vehicle. 

  4. Conduct works inside the vehicle.

  5. When the work is finished we will give the vehicle a final spray or wipe prior to returning the vehicle to you (including outside door handle). 

Parts of the Vehicle to be Disinfected

  1. Door handle (outside first then inside). 

  2. Steering wheel. 

  3. Radio and other control buttons and indicators. 

  4. Seat belt. 

  5. Any other areas we may need to touch when working inside the vehicle (i.e. glove box handles, drink holders, dashboard, hand brake and gears etc.) 

Disinfect Hands

  1. We will use hand sanitiser or washing of hands prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. After completing the work we will Sanitise our hands thoroughly and close the door to the vehicle. 

Payment and Invoicing

  1. No Cash payments. Our strong preference is payment by card via the tap and go facility. 

  2. Printing of invoices and quotes will cease and we will instead email them to you. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Coronavirus (Covid-19) procedures, or any other matter please do not hesitate in contacting us on 13 30 32.

Engine Replacement

car make

Lube Mobile, the Mobile Mechanics can perform all repairs on the engine and it's components. 

Whether your car has a blown head gasket, an oil leak, blowing smoke, making noises or needs a complete engine recondition, we can help. Our fully qualified mechanics and trained and equipped to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Usually same or next day engine repairs.

We are Australia’s fleet of mobile mechanics who travel to our customers for their engine replacement and engine repair needs. Covering all of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, we can ensure that you are back on the road sooner rather than later with fast responses and fully onsite car repairs and an onsite car service. Our fully qualified mechanics are familiar with and expert in repairing a whole range of models from popular everyday brands like Honda, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai through to luxury brands and models like BMW and Mercedes. There is no need to search for engine repair near me. Simply book online with Lube Mobile and we’ll come to you to carry out your new engine replacement or any engine repair that you need completed.

No matter what the mechanical issue is, our fully qualified technicians are up to the task of fixing your vehicle. We can replace things like the engine mounts, harmonic balancer, attend to your timing belt and your timing chain, fix or replace your oil pump or fuel pumps, fix your cylinder head, camshaft, starter motor, flywheel or issues with your ignition system as well as fully inspect and repair your cooling system and your suspension. We only use the highest quality parts for your engine replacement and engine repair, ensuring that your engine and components continue to run at peak efficiency. Our work comes with a standard 12 month/20 000km warranty and for more details regarding what that covers, please contact one of customer service team members.

Signs that your vehicle may be experiencing engine trouble include higher than normal fuel consumption or oil consumption, usually noticeable through the presence of a persistent oil leak. A blown head gasket is also a very clear indicator of something wrong with your cooling system and that may have affected the engine block, requiring a full engine replacement.

If the check engine light is on, then our technicians have specialist equipment designed to read what the engine management system has identified as a problem. Through checking the error code that it presents, we can identify exactly what needs to be addressed instantly. Your mechanic will quote you on the repair cost for things like your transmission or the need for a full rebuild and then proceed with the work once you have approved our quote.

How much does an engine replacement cost?

In most circumstances the cost for a full engine replacement will usually outweigh the actual market value of the vehicle itself and so prove too expensive. New engines can easily reach into thousands of dollars. However, if your vehicle is an older make and model and you have access to a reconditioned engine or a second hand engine in good condition then the cost of an engine replacement make actually prove to be more economical.

In addition to replacing the engine, you will also likely need to have a range of other components replaced as well including parts like the timing belt or timing chain, pulleys and water pump. Engine gaskets might also need to be replaced and an oil change and filter replacement may also need to be done. You may also need to re-gas the air conditioning system which may have been disconnected and drained when the old car engine was removed. All of these factors will likely affect whether you believe it to be more economical to undergo an engine replacement or not.

Of course, you may find that in the process of a thorough mechanical inspection by one of our qualified technicians that a full engine replacement may not be necessary. Your mechanic may be able to repair your existing engine to reduce the cost of a rebuild and keep your motor running for a little bit longer. Of course, if the car is a special make and model, then the market value may not always indicate how valuable the car really is and your own personal love for your car may be enough to justify a full engine replacement.

Our quote will include a full breakdown of the work we believe needs to occur, including the cost of consumables required like fluids.

Can I buy a new engine for an old car?

Purchasing a second hand engine for your old car is absolutely possible. There are few things which you should consider such as the number of kilometres the engine has already travelled and ideally you will want an engine with less kilometres on it than the one you are replacing. You should also consider the condition of the rest of your vehicle before you commit to an engine replacement. If it is quite an old car then the body condition may not justify replacing the engine at all. If the rest of the vehicle is in great condition and likely to last you the same amount of time as your reconditioned motor then it may be worth the cost of a full engine replacement.

Our work comes with a standard 12 month/20 000km warranty and for more information regarding exactly what is covered by that warranty, please contact our customer service team.

Whether it’s a full engine replacement or just a minor engine repair, Lube Mobile are the fleet of mechanics waiting to attend to your vehicle at your location. Book your engine repair online now.

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