Clutch Kit Replacement

Clutch Kit Replacement

Remove Gearbox and Old Clutch

Inspect Flywheel (Machining Extra)

Replace and Align new Clutch Kit

Re-Install Gearbox

Bleed / Adjust New Clutch

Road Test

Lube Mobile provides you with a local, fully qualified mechanic for fast and efficient clutch kit replacement.  All of our vehicle repairs and service work is covered by a 12 month/20,000km nationwide warranty so you can rest easy no matter where you are in the country. Due to safety reasons we may have to take the car back to our workshop to replace the clutch kit.

Signs that your vehicle may need a new clutch or clutch repair work:

  • Does your clutch pedal feel soft or sponge-like?
  • Is there a burning smell coming from your vehicle?
  • Are you experiencing trouble when trying to change gears?
  • Is the engine spinning but car not moving when letting clutch pedal out ?

Components we can repair or replace:

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Car Clutch Kit Replacement

Lube Mobile’s fully qualified technicians arrive at your preferred location on time and trained for all of your vehicle repairs, maintenance and service needs, carrying with them tools and parts on board to get the job finished on time and on budget.

Our online booking facility is quick and simple to use. We can provide you arrival time-slot in real-time and a location in mere minutes.  We’ll require a few pieces of quick and easy information regarding your vehicle’s make, model and year model then providing you with a cost for your clutch repairs and parts like a new clutch kit if they are required to complete the job.

A friendly, Lube Mobile mobile technician will arrive to explain and: 

  • Remove the gearbox and old clutch
  • Inspect the flywheel (machining is extra)
  • Replace and align your new clutch kit
  • Re-install the gearbox
  • Bleed / adjust the new clutch
  • Road test for safety 

We use only the best quality parts and spares, including oils and fluids for your 12 month warranty.

A clutch kit will usually consist of the pressure plate, clutch plate and release bearing and while 75% of all repairs and replacements are completed on site, our Worksite Safety policies are extremely high to ensure we maintain total safety for everyone involved. 

If our mobile technician believes the worksite is not safe enough to successfully complete your clutch kit replacement, he may recommend moving your vehicle to one of our local workshops.

Please enter your poscode above to start the process and see when we can get there. Any questions please call us on 13 30 32 for friendly assistance. 

Clutch Kit Reviews

- Real Customers, Real Comments

The knowledge and the ability of the mechanic to explain things in simple terms was outstanding. He kept me up to date throughout the repair process including showing me the worn parts to explain the necessity for the repair. The service that I received was far better than any other mechanic I have been to and the fact that it was all done at my house was outstanding!  Mike, Ford Falcon Clutch, Sydney 

No the service and help was exceptional. The experience was so good and all the staff involved went out of their way to make things easy for us right through to dropping the car back to me at my workplace as it was to hard for us to get to the workshop. I have raved about the wonderful to anyone who will listen and am handing out cards to anyone who needs a mechanic. Ann, Clutch Kit Replacement, Sydney