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Get A $50 Discount On A Second Car

Running one car isn't cheap, let alone two or more. Ask any family.

That's why Lube Mobile offers a $50 discount on a second car*. The only catch is that both cars are booked for work at the same address, at the same time.

Not a "special" or a "limited offer"

This is not a "special" or a "limited offer". Year round we offer all our customers a $50 discount on the work on a second car. This gives our customers the ability to schedule their car service and repairs to take advantage of the offer.

Take advantage

So when one of the kids' cars needs some work (don't they always) why not schedule it around a service on your car and ease the pain. There are other ways to take advantage of this offer.

You could schedule your car and one of your work colleagues' cars to be done at work at the same time*. Or arrange it with another family member or neighbour, we don't mind: Just as long as there are two cars there to work on.

* Points to remember are:

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